The Computer-Linguistic Analysis of Socio-Demographic Profile of Virtual Community Member

Yuriy Syerov, Solomia Fedushko

This article considers the current problem of investigation and development of computerlinguistic analysis of socio-demographic profile of virtual community member. Webmembers' socio-demographic characteristics' profile validation based on analysis of sociodemographic characteristics. The topicality of the paper is determined by the necessity to identify the web-community member by means of computer-linguistic analysis of their information track. The formal model of basic socio-demographic characteristics of virtual communities' member is formed. The structural model of lingvo-communicative indicators of socio-demographic characteristics of the web-members and common algorithm of the formation of lingvo-communicative indicators based on processing training sample are developed. Types of the computer-linguistic analysis of indicative characteristics are studied and classifications of lingvo-communicative indicators of gender, age and sphere of activities of web-community member is established. Also, the formal model of the basic socio-demographic characteristics of web-communities' member is introduced.

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