On Multiterminal Communication over MIMO Channels with One-bit ADCs at the Receivers

Abbas Khalili, Farhad Shirani, Elza Erkip, Yonina C. Eldar

The fundamental limits of communication over multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) networks are considered when a limited number of one-bit analog to digital converters (ADC) are used at the receiver terminals. Prior works have mainly focused on point-to-point communications, where receiver architectures consisting of a concatenation of an analog processing module, a limited number of one-bit ADCs with non-adaptive thresholds, and a digital processing module are considered. In this work, a new receiver architecture is proposed which utilizes adaptive threshold one-bit ADCs - where the ADC thresholds at each channel-use are dependent on the channel outputs in the previous channel-uses - to mitigate the quantization rate-loss. Coding schemes are proposed for communication over the point-to-point and broadcast channels, and achievable rate regions are derived. In the high SNR regime, it is shown that using the proposed architectures and coding schemes leads to the largest achievable rate regions among all receiver architectures with the same number of one-bit ADCs.

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