Feature Concatenation Multi-view Subspace Clustering

Qinghai Zheng, Jihua Zhu, Zhongyu Li, Shanmin Pang, Jun Wang, Yaochen Li

Multi-view clustering aims to achieve more promising clustering results than single-view clustering by exploring the multi-view information. Since statistic properties of different views are diverse, even incompatible, few approaches implement multi-view clustering based on the concatenated features directly. However, feature concatenation is a natural way to combine multiple views. To this end, this paper proposes a novel multi-view subspace clustering approach dubbed Feature Concatenation Multi-view Subspace Clustering (FCMSC). Specifically, by exploring the consensus information, multi-view data are concatenated into a joint representation firstly, then, $l_{2,1}$-norm is integrated into the objective function to deal with the sample-specific and cluster-specific corruptions of multiple views for benefiting the clustering performance. Furthermore, by introducing graph Laplacians of multiple views, a graph regularized FCMSC is also introduced to explore both the consensus information and complementary information for clustering. It is noteworthy that the obtained coefficient matrix is not derived by directly applying the Low-Rank Representation (LRR) to the joint view representation simply. Finally, an effective algorithm based on the Augmented Lagrangian Multiplier (ALM) is designed to optimized the objective functions. Comprehensive experiments on six real world datasets illustrate the superiority of the proposed methods over several state-of-the-art approaches for multi-view clustering.

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