End-to-end Learning for Early Classification of Time Series

Marc Rußwurm, Sébastien Lefèvre, Nicolas Courty, Rémi Emonet, Marco Körner, Romain Tavenard

Classification of time series is a topical issue in machine learning. While accuracy stands for the most important evaluation criterion, some applications require decisions to be made as early as possible. Optimization should then target a compromise between earliness, i.e., a capacity of providing a decision early in the sequence, and accuracy. In this work, we propose a generic, end-to-end trainable framework for early classification of time series. This framework embeds a learnable decision mechanism that can be plugged into a wide range of already existing models. We present results obtained with deep neural networks on a diverse set of time series classification problems. Our approach compares well to state-of-the-art competitors while being easily adaptable by any existing neural network topology that evaluates a hidden state at each time step.

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