A test bed for measuring UAV servo reliability

AbdElRaman ElSaid, Daniel Adjekum, John Nordlie, Fatima El Jamiy

Extant literature suggests minimal research in the area of system reliability of components used in the design of these UAS (Unmanned Air Systems), thus, subjecting UAS to critical failures that may pose a safety hazard to flight operations. The purpose of the study was to critically assess the reliability of a laboratory designed UAS component test-bed operated using real-world data collected from a Boeing Scan Eagle UAS aileron servo unit via a flight data recorder. The study hypothesized that the test-bed unit's replicating a UAS aileron servo motor's reliability, in terms of a base-line measured encoder output of commanded servo positions, will not be significantly different after double and triple periods of time for continuous operating cycles. Study adds to paucity of extant research on UAS reliability and recommends further studies on commercial UAS components reliability and time to failure.

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