Confidence Trigger Detection: An Approach to Build Real-time Tracking-by-detection System

Zhicheng Ding, Edward Wong

With deep learning based image analysis getting popular in recent years, a lot of multiple objects tracking applications are in demand. Some of these applications (e.g., surveillance camera, intelligent robotics, and autonomous driving) require the system runs in real-time. Though recent proposed methods reach fairly high accuracy, the speed is still slower than real-time application requirement. In order to increase tracking-by-detection system's speed for real-time tracking, we proposed confidence trigger detection (CTD) approach which uses confidence of tracker to decide when to trigger object detection. Using this approach, system can safely skip detection of images frames that objects barely move. We had studied the influence of different confidences in three popular detectors separately. Though we found trade-off between speed and accuracy, our approach reaches higher accuracy at given speed.

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