Characterizing IOMT/Personal Area Networks Landscape

Adil Rajput, Tayeb Brahimi

The attention garnered by the Internet of Things (IoT) term has taken the world by a storm. IOT concepts have been applied to various domains revolutionizing the way business processes are conducted. Health Informatics is a nascent multidisciplinary field that aims at applying information engineering concepts to healthcare. The information traditionally came from a variety of sources such as healthcare IT systems but recently is being stored in variety of IOT devices. Application of IOT concepts is becoming the norm giving rise to the Internet of Medical Things (IOMT). However, IOMT introduces many challenges such as the real-time nature, security, and privacy of data along with others. Thus, understanding the underlying structure of IOMT is of paramount importance. Given the importance of the underlying networks, we explore various solutions currently employed in developing the Personal Area Networks (PANs) that are the underlying cornerstone of IOMT). PANs allow the sensors to measure the change in various stimuli and transmit the information via LANs and WANs to various stakeholders. This chapter will look at three standards that are currently used by both academia and industry along with Body Area Networks (BANs). The chapter also provides a survey of prevalent IOMT applications along with various vendors that provide such services.

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