FDI: Quantifying Feature-based Data Inferability

Shouling Ji, Haiqin Weng, Yiming Wu, Qinming He, Raheem Beyah, Ting Wang

Motivated by many existing security and privacy applications, e.g., network traffic attribution, linkage attacks, private web search, and feature-based data de-anonymization, in this paper, we study the Feature-based Data Inferability (FDI) quantification problem. First, we conduct the FDI quantification under both naive and general data models from both a feature distance perspective and a feature distribution perspective. Our quantification explicitly shows the conditions to have a desired fraction of the target users to be Top-K inferable (K is an integer parameter). Then, based on our quantification, we evaluate the user inferability in two cases: network traffic attribution in network forensics and feature-based data de-anonymization. Finally, based on the quantification and evaluation, we discuss the implications of this research for existing feature-based inference systems.

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