A Robust Volume Conserving Method for Character-Water Interaction

Minjae Lee, David Hyde, Kevin Li, Ronald Fedkiw

We propose a novel volume conserving framework for character-water interaction, using a novel volume-of-fluid solver on a skinned tetrahedral mesh, enabling the high degree of the spatial adaptivity in order to capture thin films and hair-water interactions. For efficiency, the bulk of the fluid volume is simulated with a standard Eulerian solver which is two way coupled to our skinned arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian mesh using a fast, robust, and straightforward to implement partitioned approach. This allows for a specialized and efficient treatment of the volume-of-fluid solver, since it is only required in a subset of the domain. The combination of conservation of fluid volume and a kinematically deforming skinned mesh allows us to robustly implement interesting effects such as adhesion, and anisotropic porosity. We illustrate the efficacy of our method by simulating various water effects with solid objects and animated characters.

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