Towards Pedestrian Detection Using RetinaNet in ECCV 2018 Wider Pedestrian Detection Challenge

Md Ashraful Alam Milton

The main essence of this paper is to investigate the performance of RetinaNet based object detectors on pedestrian detection. Pedestrian detection is an important research topic as it provides a baseline for general object detection and has a great number of practical applications like autonomous car, robotics and Security camera. Though extensive research has made huge progress in pedestrian detection, there are still many issues and open for more research and improvement. Recent deep learning based methods have shown state-of-the-art performance in computer vision tasks such as image classification, object detection, and segmentation. Wider pedestrian detection challenge aims at finding improve solutions for pedestrian detection problem. In this paper, We propose a pedestrian detection system based on RetinaNet. Our solution has scored 0.4061 mAP. The code is available at

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