A Novel JT-CoMP Scheme in 5G Fractal Small Cell Networks

Jiaqi Chen, Xiaohu Ge, Yi Zhong, Yonghui Li

To satisfy the requirement of the fifth generation (5G) mobile communications that offers an ultra high data rate of 100Mbps to 1Gbps anytime and anywhere, the coordinated multipoint (CoMP) technique is proposed to mitigate inter-cell interference to improve the coverage of high data rate services, cell-edge throughput, and system capacity. However, the joint transmission (JT) CoMP technique is difficult to be applied in practice due to the critical time synchronization for multiple coordination links and the bottleneck of backhaul capacity and radio resource at each small cell base stations (SBSs). Moreover, since the coordination SBSs in the conditional scheme are entirely separate from each other, different time of arrivals at the user cause the severe time synchronization problem. The anisotropic propagation environment in the urban scenario makes the implementation condition even worse. To tackle these issues, we propose a novel JT-CoMP scheme with the anisotropic path loss model to minimize the network backhaul traffic subject to the constraints on the radio resource and the differences in time of arrivals. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed distance-resource-limited CoMP scheme can obtain the maximum achievable rate with the minimum network backhaul traffic, compared with existing schemes.

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