Solving Nurse Scheduling Problem Using Constraint Programming Technique

O. M. Alade, A. O. Amusat

Staff scheduling is a universal problem that can be encountered in many organizations, such as call centers, educational institution, industry, hospital, and any other public services. It is one of the most important aspects of workforce management strategy and the one that is most prone to errors or issues as there are many entities should be considered, such as the staff turnover, employee availability, time between rotations, unusual periods of activity, and even the last-minute shift changes. The nurse scheduling problem is a variant of staff scheduling problems which appoints nurses to shifts as well as rooms per day taking both hard constraints, i.e., hospital requirements, and soft constraints, i.e., nurse preferences, into account. Most algorithms used for scheduling problems fall short when it comes to the number of inputs they can handle. In this paper, constraint programming was developed to solve the nurse scheduling problem. The developed constraint programming model was then implemented using python programming language.

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