Partial Fingerprint Detection Using Core Point Location

Wajih Ullah Baig, Adeel Ejaz, Umar Munir, Kashif Sardar

In Biometric identification, fingerprints based identification has been the widely accepted mechanism. Automated fingerprints identification/verification techniques are widely adopted in many civilian and forensic applications. In forensic applications fingerprints are usually incomplete, broken, unclear or degraded which are known as partial fingerprints. Fingerprints identification/verification largely suffer from the problem of handling partial fingerprints. In this paper a novel and simple approach is presented for detecting partial fingerprints using core point location. Our techniques is particularly useful during the acquisition stage as to determine whether a user needs to re-align the finger to ensure a complete capture of fingerprint area.This technique is tested on FVC-2002 DB1A. The results are very accurate which are presented in the Results sections.

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