Very Long Term Field of View Prediction for 360-degree Video Streaming

Chenge Li, Weixi Zhang, Yong Liu, Yao Wang

360-degree videos have gained increasing popularity in recent years with the developments and advances in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. In such applications, a user only watches a video scene within a field of view (FoV) centered in a certain direction. Predicting the future FoV in a long time horizon (more than seconds ahead) can help save bandwidth resources in on-demand video streaming while minimizing video freezing in networks with significant bandwidth variations. In this work, we treat the FoV prediction as a sequence learning problem, and propose to predict the target user's future FoV not only based on the user's own past FoV center trajectory but also other users' future FoV locations. We propose multiple prediction models based on two different FoV representations: one using FoV center trajectories and another using equirectangular heatmaps that represent the FoV center distributions. Extensive evaluations with two public datasets demonstrate that the proposed models can significantly outperform benchmark models, and other users' FoVs are very helpful for improving long-term predictions.

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