CMS Sematrix: A Tool to Aid the Development of Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs)

Michael A. Schwemmer, Po-Hsu Chen, Mithun Balakrishna, Amy Leibrand, Aaron Leonard, Nancy J. McMillan, Jeffrey J. Geppert

As part of the effort to improve quality and to reduce national healthcare costs, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are responsible for creating and maintaining an array of clinical quality measures (CQMs) for assessing healthcare structure, process, outcome, and patient experience across various conditions, clinical specialties, and settings. The development and maintenance of CQMs involves substantial and ongoing evaluation of the evidence on the measure's properties: importance, reliability, validity, feasibility, and usability. As such, CMS conducts monthly environmental scans of the published clinical and health service literature. Conducting time consuming, exhaustive evaluations of the ever-changing healthcare literature presents one of the largest challenges to an evidence-based approach to healthcare quality improvement. Thus, it is imperative to leverage automated techniques to aid CMS in the identification of clinical and health services literature relevant to CQMs. Additionally, the estimated labor hours and related cost savings of using CMS Sematrix compared to a traditional literature review are roughly 818 hours and 122,000 dollars for a single monthly environmental scan.

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