Design and Implementation of Location and Activity Monitoring System Based on LoRa

Shengwei Lin, Ziqiang Ying, Kan Zheng

The location and human activity are usually used as one of the important parameters to monitor the health status in healthcare devices. However, nearly all existing location and monitoring systems have the limitation of short-range communication and high power consumption. In this paper, we propose a new mechanism to collect and transmit monitoring information based on LoRa technology. The monitoring device with sensors can collect the real-time activity and location information and transmit them to the cloud server through LoRa gateway. The user can check all his history and current information through the specific designed mobile applications. Experiment was carried out to verify the communication, power consumption and monitoring performance of the entire system. Experimental results demonstrate that this system can collect monitoring and activity information accurately and provide the long rang coverage with low power consumption.

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