Multi-Channel Access Solutions for 5G New Radio

Nurul Huda Mahmood, Daniela Laselva, David Palacios, Mustafa Emara, Miltiades C. Filippou, Dong Min Kim, Isabel de-la-Bandera

5G New Radio paves the way for introducing novel multi-service radio resource management solutions tailored for enhanced Mobile Broadband and Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication service classes. Multi-Channel Access is a family of such multi-service solutions that enable a user equipment to aggregate radio resources from multiple sources. The objective is multi-fold; throughput enhancement through access to a larger bandwidth, reliability improvement by increasing the diversity order and/or coordinated transmission/reception, as well as flexibility and load balancing improvement by decoupling the downlink and the uplink access points. This paper presents several multi-channel access solutions for 5G New Radio multi-service scenarios. In particular, throughput enhancement and latency reduction concepts like multi-connectivity, carrier aggregation, downlink-uplink decoupled access and coordinated multi-point connectivity are discussed. Moreover, novel design solutions exploiting these concepts are proposed. Numerical evaluation of the introduced solutions indicates significant performance gains over state-of-the-art schemes; for example, our proposed component carrier selection mechanism leads to a median throughput gain of up to 100% by means of an implicit load balance. Therefore, the proposed Multi-Channel Access solutions have the potential to be key multi-service enablers for 5G New Radio.

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