Regularizing Generative Models Using Knowledge of Feature Dependence

Naoya Takeishi, Yoshinobu Kawahara

Generative modeling is a fundamental problem in machine learning with many potential applications. Efficient learning of generative models requires available prior knowledge to be exploited as much as possible. In this paper, we propose a method to exploit prior knowledge of relative dependence between features for learning generative models. Such knowledge is available, for example, when side-information on features is present. We incorporate the prior knowledge by forcing marginals of the learned generative model to follow a prescribed relative feature dependence. To this end, we formulate a regularization term using a kernel-based dependence criterion. The proposed method can be incorporated straightforwardly into many optimization-based learning schemes of generative models, including variational autoencoders and generative adversarial networks. We show the effectiveness of the proposed method in experiments with multiple types of datasets and models.

Knowledge Graph



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