Determinization of B\"uchi Automata: Unifying the Approaches of Safra and Muller-Schupp

Christof Löding, Anton Pirogov

Determinization of B\"uchi automata is a long-known difficult problem and after the seminal result of Safra, who developed the first asymptotically optimal construction from B\"uchi into Rabin automata, much work went into improving, simplifying or avoiding Safra's construction. A different, less known determinization construction was derived by Muller and Schupp and appears to be unrelated to Safra's construction on the first sight. In this paper we propose a new meta-construction from nondeterministic B\"uchi to deterministic parity automata which strictly subsumes both the construction of Safra and the construction of Muller and Schupp. It is based on a correspondence between structures that are encoded in the macrostates of the determinization procedures - Safra trees on one hand, and levels of the split-tree, which underlies the Muller and Schupp construction, on the other. Our construction allows for combining the mentioned constructions and opens up new directions for the development of heuristics.

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