Dise\~no de un espacio sem\'antico sobre la base de la Wikipedia. Una propuesta de an\'alisis de la sem\'antica latente para el idioma espa\~nol

Dalina Aidee Villa, Igor Barahona, Luis Javier Álvarez

Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) was initially conceived by the cognitive psychology at the 90s decade. Since its emergence, the LSA has been used to model cognitive processes, pointing out academic texts, compare literature works and analyse political speeches, among other applications. Taking as starting point multivariate method for dimensionality reduction, this paper propose a semantic space for Spanish language. Out results include a document text matrix with dimensions 1.3 x10^6 and 5.9x10^6, which later is decomposed into singular values. Those singular values are used to semantically words or text.

Knowledge Graph



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