Integrated magnonic half-adder

Qi Wang, Roman Verba, Thomas Brächer, Florin Ciubotaru, Christoph Adelmann, Sorin D. Cotofana, Philipp Pirro, Andrii V. Chumak

Spin waves and their quanta magnons open up a promising branch of high-speed and low-power information processing. Several important milestones were achieved recently in the realization of separate magnonic data processing units including logic gates, a magnon transistor and units for non-Boolean computing. Nevertheless, the realization of an integrated magnonic circuit consisting of at least two logic gates and suitable for further integration is still an unresolved challenge. Here we demonstrate such an integrated circuit numerically on the example of a magnonic half-adder. Its key element is a nonlinear directional coupler serving as combined XOR and AND logic gate that utilizes the dependence of the spin wave dispersion on its amplitude. The circuit constitutes of only three planar nano-waveguides and processes all information within the magnon domain. Benchmarking of the proposed device is performed showing the potential for sub-aJ energy consumption per operation.

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