Visual search and recognition for robot task execution and monitoring

Lorenzo Mauro, Francesco Puja, Simone Grazioso, Valsamis Ntouskos, Marta Sanzari, Edoardo Alati, Fiora Pirri

Visual search of relevant targets in the environment is a crucial robot skill. We propose a preliminary framework for the execution monitor of a robot task, taking care of the robot attitude to visually searching the environment for targets involved in the task. Visual search is also relevant to recover from a failure. The framework exploits deep reinforcement learning to acquire a "common sense" scene structure and it takes advantage of a deep convolutional network to detect objects and relevant relations holding between them. The framework builds on these methods to introduce a vision-based execution monitoring, which uses classical planning as a backbone for task execution. Experiments show that with the proposed vision-based execution monitor the robot can complete simple tasks and can recover from failures in autonomy.

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