Illumination Invariant Foreground Object Segmentation using ForeGANs

Maryam Sultana, Soon Ki Jung

The foreground segmentation algorithms suffer performance degradation in the presence of various challenges such as dynamic backgrounds, and various illumination conditions. To handle these challenges, we present a foreground segmentation method, based on generative adversarial network (GAN). We aim to segment foreground objects in the presence of two aforementioned major challenges in background scenes in real environments. To address this problem, our presented GAN model is trained on background image samples with dynamic changes, after that for testing the GAN model has to generate the same background sample as test sample with similar conditions via back-propagation technique. The generated background sample is then subtracted from the given test sample to segment foreground objects. The comparison of our proposed method with five state-of-the-art methods highlights the strength of our algorithm for foreground segmentation in the presence of challenging dynamic background scenario.

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