Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in UAV-Enabled Mobile Edge Computing Networks

Zhaohui Yang, Cunhua Pan, Kezhi Wang, Mohammad Shikh-Bahaei

In this paper, we consider the sum power minimization problem via jointly optimizing user association, power control, computation capacity allocation and location planning in a mobile edge computing (MEC) network with multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). To solve the nonconvex problem, we propose a low-complexity algorithm with solving three subproblems iteratively. For the user association subproblem, the compressive sensing based algorithm is accordingly is proposed. For the computation capacity allocation subproblem, the optimal solution is obtained in closed form. For the location planning subproblem, the optimal solution is effectively obtained via one-dimensional search method. To obtain a feasible solution for this iterative algorithm, a fuzzy c-means clustering based algorithm is proposed. Numerical results show that the proposed algorithm achieves better performance than conventional approaches.

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