Helping Blind People in Their Meeting Locations to Find Each Other Using RFID Technology

Farshid Sahba, Amin Sahba, Ramin Sahba

This paper presents a new specific system based on RFID technology to help blind people find the other party in their meeting place. This system, uses a device called Smart Director or SD, equipped with Active Tag and RFID Reader. The blind person, the visitor, adjusts the SD with the identification number of the other party who has shared it previously for example on a telephone call, and takes the device to the meeting place. When the blind person arrives at the location, the reader of the device receives signals from the active tag of the other party's SD. It then identifies his/her position based on the intensity and direction of the received signals and tell it to the blind person. In this way, blind people can simply identify the position of the other party in crowded places and find each other.

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