Authentication Scheme Based on Hashchain for Space-Air-Ground Integrated Network

Caidan Zhao, Mingxian Shi, MinMin Huang, Xiaojiang Du

With the development of artificial intelligence and self-driving, vehicular ad-hoc network (VANET) has become an irreplaceable part of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs). However, the traditional network of the ground cannot meet the requirements of transmission, processing, and storage among vehicles. Under this circumstance, integrating space and air nodes into the whole network can provide comprehensive traffic information and reduce the transmission delay. The high mobility and low latency in the Space-Air-Ground Integrated Network (SAGIN) put forward higher requirements for security issues such as identity authentication, privacy protection, and data security. This paper simplifies the Blockchain and proposes an identity authentication and privacy protection scheme based on the Hashchain in the SAGIN. The scheme focuses on the characteristics of the wireless signal to identify and authenticate the nodes. The verification and backup of the records on the block are implemented with the distributed streaming platform, Kafka algorithm, instead of the consensus. Furthermore, this paper analyzes the security of this scheme. Afterward, the experimental results reveal the delay brought by the scheme using the simulation of SUMO, OMNeT++, and Veins.

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