A Blockchain-based Self-tallying Voting Scheme in Decentralized IoT

Yannan Li, Willy Susilo, Guomin Yang, Yong Yu, Dongxi Liu, Mohsen Guizani

The Internet of Things (IoT) is experiencing explosive growth and has gained extensive attention from academia and industry in recent years. Most of the existing IoT infrastructures are centralized, in which the presence of a cloud server is mandatory. However, centralized frameworks suffer from the issues of unscalability and single-point-of-failure. Consequently, decentralized IoT has been proposed by taking advantage of the emerging technology of Blockchain. Voting systems are widely adopted in IoT, such as a leader election in wireless sensor networks. Self-tallying voting systems are alternatives to traditional centralized voting systems in decentralized IoT since the traditional ones are not suitable for such scenarios. Unfortunately, self-tallying voting systems inherently suffer from fairness issues, such as adaptive and abortive issues caused by malicious voters. In this paper, we introduce a framework of self-tallying systems in decentralized IoT based on Blockchain. We propose a concrete construction and prove the proposed system satisfies all the security requirements including fairness, dispute-freeness and maximal ballot secrecy. The implementations on mobile phones demonstrate the practicability of our system.

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