MISO: Mutual Information Loss with Stochastic Style Representations for Multimodal Image-to-Image Translation

Sanghyeon Na, Seungjoo Yoo, Jaegul Choo

Unpaired multimodal image-to-image translation is a task of translating a given image in a source domain into diverse images in the target domain, overcoming the limitation of one-to-one mapping. Existing multimodal translation models are mainly based on the disentangled representations with an image reconstruction loss. We propose two approaches to improve multimodal translation quality. First, we use a content representation from the source domain conditioned on a style representation from the target domain. Second, rather than using a typical image reconstruction loss, we design MILO (Mutual Information LOss), a new stochastically-defined loss function based on information theory. This loss function directly reflects the interpretation of latent variables as a random variable. We show that our proposed model Mutual Information with StOchastic Style Representation(MISO) achieves state-of-the-art performance through extensive experiments on various real-world datasets.

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