Vcash: A Novel Reputation Framework for Identifying Denial of Traffic Service in Internet of Connected Vehicles

Zhihong Tian, Xiangsong Gao, Shen Su, Jing Qiu

Trust management of Internet of connected vehicles has been a hot topic during the recent years with the rapid development of UGV technologies. However, existing resolutions based on trustworthiness verification among vehicles make the traffic event transmission quite inefficient. In this paper, we assume that the deployed RSUs can provide efficient communication between any pair of RSU and vehicle, and propose Vcash, a reputation framework for identifying denial of traffic service, to resolve the trustworthiness problem in the application level of the Internet of connected vehicles. In our reputation framework, every vehicle communicates with the RSU directly for traffic event verification, and spread verified traffic event notification. We borrow the idea of market trading, and set up trading rules to restrict the malicious vehicle's spread of false message, and to encourage vehicles to contribute to the traffic event monitoring and verification. To evaluate the effectiveness of our reputation framework, we conduct simulation experiment. Our experiment results indicate that our proposal manages to avoid bogus event spread, and a vehicle in our framework has to contribute to the traffic event detection to normally employ the traffic service.

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