S-DOD-CNN: Doubly Injecting Spatially-Preserved Object Information for Event Recognition

Hyungtae Lee, Sungmin Eum, Heesung Kwon

We present a novel event recognition approach called Spatially-preserved Doubly-injected Object Detection CNN (S-DOD-CNN), which incorporates the spatially preserved object detection information in both a direct and an indirect way. Indirect injection is carried out by simply sharing the weights between the object detection modules and the event recognition module. Meanwhile, our novelty lies in the fact that we have preserved the spatial information for the direct injection. Once multiple regions-of-intereset (RoIs) are acquired, their feature maps are computed and then projected onto a spatially-preserving combined feature map using one of the four RoI Projection approaches we present. In our architecture, combined feature maps are generated for object detection which are directly injected to the event recognition module. Our method provides the state-of-the-art accuracy for malicious event recognition.

Knowledge Graph



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