Enhancement Mask for Hippocampus Detection and Segmentation

Dengsheng Chen, Wenxi Liu, You Huang, Tong Tong, Yuanlong Yu

Detection and segmentation of the hippocampal structures in volumetric brain images is a challenging problem in the area of medical imaging. In this paper, we propose a two-stage 3D fully convolutional neural network that efficiently detects and segments the hippocampal structures. In particular, our approach first localizes the hippocampus from the whole volumetric image while obtaining a proposal for a rough segmentation. After localization, we apply the proposal as an enhancement mask to extract the fine structure of the hippocampus. The proposed method has been evaluated on a public dataset and compares with state-of-the-art approaches. Results indicate the effectiveness of the proposed method, which yields mean Dice Similarity Coefficients (i.e. DSC) of $0.897$ and $0.900$ for the left and right hippocampus, respectively. Furthermore, extensive experiments manifest that the proposed enhancement mask layer has remarkable benefits for accelerating training process and obtaining more accurate segmentation results.

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