Table2answer: Read the database and answer without SQL

Tong Guo, Huilin Gao

Semantic parsing is the task of mapping natural language to logic form. In question answering, semantic parsing can be used to map the question to logic form and execute the logic form to get the answer. One key problem for semantic parsing is the hard label work. We study this problem in another way: we do not use the logic form any more. Instead we only use the schema and answer info. We think that the logic form step can be injected into the deep model. The reason why we think removing the logic form step is possible is that human can do the task without explicit logic form. We use BERT-based model and do the experiment in the WikiSQL dataset, which is a large natural language to SQL dataset. Our experimental evaluations that show that our model can achieves the baseline results in WikiSQL dataset.

Knowledge Graph



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