Real Time Lateral Movement Detection based on Evidence Reasoning Network for Edge Computing Environment

Zhihong Tian, Wei Shi, Yuhang Wang, Chunsheng Zhu, Xiaojiang Du, Shen Su, Yanbin Sun, Nadra Guizani

Edge computing is providing higher class intelligent service and computing capabilities at the edge of the network. The aim is to ease the backhaul impacts and offer an improved user experience, however, the edge artificial intelligence exacerbates the security of the cloud computing environment due to the dissociation of data, access control and service stages. In order to prevent users from using the edge-cloud computing environment to carry out lateral movement attacks, we proposed a method named CloudSEC meaning real time lateral movement detection based on evidence reasoning network for the edge-cloud environment. The concept of vulnerability correlation is introduced. Based on the vulnerability knowledge and environmental information of the network system, the evidence reasoning network is constructed, and the lateral movement reasoning ability provided by the evidence reasoning network is used. CloudSEC realizes the reconfiguration of the efficient real-time attack process. The experiment shows that the results are complete and credible.

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