A Novel Data Encryption Algorithm Design and Implementation in Information Security Scope

Nurettin Topaloglu, M. Hanefi Calp, Burak Turk

Today, the protection of information, ensuring of the safety and the recall in lossless in case of need is highly significant and it is seen as a major threat in the field. Information security is possible by hiding the available data, by encrypting, saving, transmitting and sharing. At this point, cryptology subject comes up. Cryptology called as password science includes with the encrypting according to a certain technique of different texts and the transmitting these messages to the recipient in a secure environment. In this study, in information security scope, an original data encryption algorithm was developed. Algorithm developed according to the "Single Characters Relocation" technique is designed. In the creation process of the algorithm, was also utilized from Caesar encryption algorithm, multi-alphabet algorithms and Enigma. The purpose of the study is to store the text written in a safe manner and thus to ensure information security is by deciphering upon request. In the study, an algorithm that is very difficult for its decryption was developed and this is clearly emerging when considering the number used passwords alphabet. This study is expected to contribute to the field of information security.

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