SDN Controllers: Benchmarking & Performance Evaluation

Liehuang Zhu, Md Monjurul Karim, Kashif Sharif, Fan Li, Xiaojiang Du, Mohsen Guizani

Software Defined Networks offer flexible and intelligent network operations by splitting a traditional network into a centralized control plane and a programmable data plane. The intelligent control plane is responsible for providing flow paths to switches and optimizes network performance. The controller in the control plane is the fundamental element used for all operations of data plane management. Hence, the performance and capabilities of the controller itself are extremely important. Furthermore, the tools used to benchmark their performance must be accurate and effective in measuring different evaluation parameters. There are dozens of controller proposals available in existing literature. However, there is no quantitative comparative analysis for them. In this article, we present a comprehensive qualitative comparison of different SDN controllers, along with a quantitative analysis of their performance in different network scenarios. More specifically, we categorize and classify 34 controllers based on their capabilities, and present a qualitative comparison of their properties. We also discuss in-depth capabilities of benchmarking tools used for SDN controllers, along with best practices for quantitative controller evaluation. This work uses three benchmarking tools to compare nine controllers against multiple criteria. Finally, we discuss detailed research findings on the performance, benchmarking criteria, and evaluation testbeds for SDN controllers.

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