Measure of quality of finite-dimensional linear systems: A frame-theoretic view

Mishal Assif PK, Mohammed Rayyan Sheriff, Debasish Chatterjee

A measure of quality of a control system is a quantitative extension of the classical binary notion of controllability. In this article we study the quality of linear control systems from a frame-theoretic perspective. We demonstrate that all LTI systems naturally generate a frame on their state space, and that three standard measures of quality involving the trace, minimum eigenvalue, and the determinant of the controllability Gramian achieve their optimum values when this generated frame is tight. Motivated by this, and in view of some recent developments in frame-theoretic signal processing, we propose a natural measure of quality for continuous time LTI systems based on a measure of tightness of the frame generated by it and then discuss some properties of this frame-theoretic measure of quality.

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