Development of Video Frame Enhancement Technique Using Pixel Intensity Analysis

H. A. Abdulkareem, A. M. S. Tekanyi, I. Yau, B. O. Sadiq

This paper developed a brightness enhancement technique for video frame pixel intensity improvement. Frames extracted from the six sample video data used in this work were stored in the form of images in a buffer. Noise was added to the extracted image frames to vary the intensity of their pixels so that the pixel values of the noisy images differ from their true values in order to determine the efficiency of the developed technique. Simulation results showed that, the developed technique was efficient with an improved pixel intensity and histogram distribution. The Peak to Signal Noise Ratio evaluation showed that the efficiency of the developed technique for both grayscale and coloured video frames were improved by PSNR of 12.45%, 16.32%, 27.57% and 19.83% over the grey level colour (black and white) for the NAELS1.avi, NAELS2.avi, NTA1.avi and NTA2.avi respectively. Also, a percentage improvement of 28.93% and 31.68% were obtained for the coloured image over the grey level image for Akiyo.avi and Forman.avi benchmark video frame, respectively.

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