Knowledge Hypergraphs: Prediction Beyond Binary Relations

Bahare Fatemi, Perouz Taslakian, David Vazquez, David Poole

Knowledge graphs store facts using relations between pairs of entities. In this work, we address the question of link prediction in knowledge hypergraphs where each relation is defined on any number of entities. While there exist techniques (such as reification) that convert the non-binary relations of a knowledge hypergraph into binary ones, current embedding-based methods for knowledge graph completion do not work well out of the box for knowledge graphs obtained through these techniques. Thus we introduce HSimplE and HypE, two embedding-based methods that work directly with knowledge hypergraphs in which the representation of an entity is a function of its position in the relation. We also develop public benchmarks and baselines for this task and show experimentally that the proposed models are more effective than the baselines. Our experiments show that HypE outperforms HSimplE when trained with fewer parameters and when tested on samples that contain at least one entity in a position never encountered during training.

Knowledge Graph



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