Relay-Aided Channel Estimation for mmWave Systems with Imperfect Antenna Arrays

Mohammed E. Eltayeb

Compressed Sensing (CS) based channel estimation techniques have recently emerged as an effective way to acquire the channel of millimeter-wave (mmWave) systems with a small number of measurements. These techniques, however, are based on prior knowledge of transmit and receive array manifolds, and assume perfect antenna arrays at both the transmitter and the receiver. In the presence of antenna imperfections, the geometry and response of the arrays are modified. This distorts the CS measurement matrix and results in channel estimation errors. This paper studies the effects of both transmit and receive antenna imperfections on the mmWave channel estimate. A relay-aided solution which corrects for errors caused by faulty transmit arrays is then proposed. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed solution and show that comparable channel estimates can be obtained when compared to systems with perfect antennas without the need for additional training overhead.

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