Multivariate, Multistep Forecasting, Reconstruction and Feature Selection of Ocean Waves via Recurrent and Sequence-to-Sequence Networks

Mohammad Pirhooshyaran, Lawrence V. Snyder

This article explores the concepts of ocean wave multivariate multistep forecasting, reconstruction and feature selection. We introduce recurrent neural network frameworks, integrated with Bayesian hyperparameter optimization and Elastic Net methods. We consider both short- and long-term forecasts and reconstruction, for significant wave height and output power of the ocean waves. Sequence-to-sequence neural networks are being developed for the first time to reconstruct the missing characteristics of ocean waves based on information from nearby wave sensors. Our results indicate that the Adam and AMSGrad optimization algorithms are the most robust ones to optimize the sequence-to-sequence network. For the case of significant wave height reconstruction, we compare the proposed methods with alternatives on a well-studied dataset. We show the superiority of the proposed methods considering several error metrics. We design a new case study based on measurement stations along the east coast of the United States and investigate the feature selection concept. Comparisons substantiate the benefit of utilizing Elastic Net. Moreover, case study results indicate that when the number of features is considerable, having deeper structures improves the performance.

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