Personalized Multimedia Item and Key Frame Recommendation

Le Wu, Lei Chen, Yonghui Yang, Richang Hong, Yong Ge, Xing Xie, Meng Wang

When recommending or advertising items to users, an emerging trend is to present each multimedia item with a key frame image (e.g., the poster of a movie). As each multimedia item can be represented as multiple fine-grained visual images (e.g., related images of the movie), personalized key frame recommendation is necessary in these applications to attract users' unique visual preferences. However, previous personalized key frame recommendation models relied on users' fine-grained image behavior of multimedia items (e.g., user-image interaction behavior), which is often not available in real scenarios. In this paper, we study the general problem of joint multimedia item and key frame recommendation in the absence of the fine-grained user-image behavior. We argue that the key challenge of this problem lies in discovering users' visual profiles for key frame recommendation, as most recommendation models would fail without any users' fine-grained image behavior. To tackle this challenge, we leverage users' item behavior by projecting users (items) in two latent spaces: a collaborative latent space and a visual latent space. We further design a model to discern both the collaborative and visual dimensions of users, and model how users make decisive item preferences from these two spaces. As a result, the learned user visual profiles could be directly applied for key frame recommendation. Finally, experimental results on a real-world dataset clearly show the effectiveness of our proposed model on the two recommendation tasks.

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