GANchors: Realistic Image Perturbation Distributions for Anchors Using Generative Models

Kurtis Evan David, Harrison Keane, Jun Min Noh

We extend and improve the work of Model Agnostic Anchors for explanations on image classification through the use of generative adversarial networks (GANs). Using GANs, we generate samples from a more realistic perturbation distribution, by optimizing under a lower dimensional latent space. This increases the trust in an explanation, as results now come from images that are more likely to be found in the original training set of a classifier, rather than an overlay of random images. A large drawback to our method is the computational complexity of sampling through optimization; to address this, we implement more efficient algorithms, including a diverse encoder. Lastly, we share results from the MNIST and CelebA datasets, and note that our explanations can lead to smaller and higher precision anchors.

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