Apprentissage de la pens\'ee informatique : de la formation des enseignant$\cdot$e$\cdot$s \`a la formation de tou$\cdot$te$\cdot$s les citoyen$\cdot$ne$\cdot$s

Corinne Atlan, Jean-Pierre Archambault, Olivier Banus, Frédéric Bardeau, Amélie Blandeau, Antonin Cois, Martine Courbin, Gérard Giraudon, Saint-Clair Lefèvre, Valérie Letard, Bastien Masse, Florent Masseglia, Benjamin Ninassi, Sophie de Quatrebarbes, Margarida Romero, Didier Roy, Thierry Vieville

In recent years, in France, computer learning (under the term of code) has entered the school curriculum, in primary and high school. This learning is also aimed at developing computer thinking to enable students, girls and boys, to start master all aspects of the digital world (science, technology, industry, culture). However, neither teachers, nor parents are trained to teach or educate on these topics. Furthermore, if the educational system progresses progressively towards these objectives, in everyday life and in professional context there is also a need for lifelong training in computer thinking. Large-scale projects on coding initiation are now quite successful in supporting the training of professionals in education on these topics. However, they require an infrastructure of people and important resources to maintain their level of efficiency. In order to further develop the objectives ofhelping people to demystify IT thinking, we aim to question here the way by which it is possible to conceive a concrete and operational initiative that addresses this issue. A huge challenge: Let's share a proposal here and discuss it.

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