Proximity Neighbor Selection in Blockchain Networks

Yusuke Aoki, Kazuyuki Shudo

Blockchains have attracted a great deal of attention as a technology for the distributed management of register information at multiple nodes without a centralized system. However, they possess the drawbacks of low transaction throughput and long approval time. These problems can be addressed by shortening the block generation interval; however, shortening this interval alone has the effect of increasing the frequency of forks. In this study, we aim to shorten the block generation interval without increasing the fork generation rate by improving the network topology of the nodes and shortening the propagation time. We propose a neighbor node selection method forming a network topology with a short block propagation time. A blockchain simulator is used to demonstrate the effect of the proposed neighbor node selection method on the propagation delay of the network. This result indicates that the proposed method improves block propagation time.

Knowledge Graph



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