Automated Steel Bar Counting and Center Localization with Convolutional Neural Networks

Zhun Fan, Jiewei Lu, Benzhang Qiu, Tao Jiang, Kang An, Alex Noel Josephraj, Chuliang Wei

Automated steel bar counting and center localization plays an important role in the factory automation of steel bars. Traditional methods only focus on steel bar counting and their performances are often limited by complex industrial environments. Convolutional neural network (CNN), which has great capability to deal with complex tasks in challenging environments, is applied in this work. A framework called CNN-DC is proposed to achieve automated steel bar counting and center localization simultaneously. The proposed framework CNN-DC first detects the candidate center points with a deep CNN. Then an effective clustering algorithm named as Distance Clustering(DC) is proposed to cluster the candidate center points and locate the true centers of steel bars. The proposed CNN-DC can achieve 99.26% accuracy for steel bar counting and 4.1% center offset for center localization on the established steel bar dataset, which demonstrates that the proposed CNN-DC can perform well on automated steel bar counting and center localization. Code is made publicly available at:

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