Efficient Nano Antenna for Photonic Devices

Vishal K. Doltani, Fahim A Umrani, Riaz A. Soomro

This paper presents the efficient Yagi-Uda nanoantenna with the chain of directors, reflector and a feed element, where these elements have been optimized to fulfil the requirement of high directivity and the gain of antenna. The proposed design consists of six core and cladding with silver core and silicon cladding is used to achieve high directivity. The design is analyzed by FIT based CST Software package by which Directivity and Gain of the antenna are computed. The enhancement of this directivity is mainly contributed by the increase in the number of directors from the four to five and the optimized length of the directors which is scaled by 0.9. The simulated results show that the proposed Yagi antenna provides good performance in terms of directivity. The suggested antenna design shows the improved directivity of 17.62 at 500 nm wavelength. The proposed design has wide range of applications including as solar cells.

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