Depth-Preserving Real-Time Arbitrary Style Transfer

Konstantin Kozlovtsev, Victor Kitov

Style transfer is the process of rendering one image with some content in the style of another image, representing the style. Recent studies of Liu et al. (2017) have shown significant improvement of style transfer rendering quality by adjusting traditional methods of Gatys et al. (2016) and Johnson et al. (2016) with regularizer, forcing preservation of the depth map of the content image. However these traditional methods are either computationally inefficient or require training a separate neural network for new style. AdaIN method of Huang et al. (2017) allows efficient transferring of arbitrary style without training a separate model but is not able to reproduce the depth map of the content image. We propose an extension to this method, allowing depth map preservation. Qualitative analysis and results of user evaluation study indicate that the proposed method provides better stylizations, compared to the original style transfer methods of Gatys et al. (2016) and Huang et al. (2017).

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