Transfer Learning in the Field of Renewable Energies -- A Transfer Learning Framework Providing Power Forecasts Throughout the Lifecycle of Wind Farms After Initial Connection to the Electrical Grid

Jens Schreiber

In recent years, transfer learning gained particular interest in the field of vision and natural language processing. In the research field of vision, e.g., deep neural networks and transfer learning techniques achieve almost perfect classification scores within minutes. Nonetheless, these techniques are not yet widely applied in other domains. Therefore, this article identifies critical challenges and shows potential solutions for power forecasts in the field of renewable energies. It proposes a framework utilizing transfer learning techniques in wind power forecasts with limited or no historical data. On the one hand, this allows evaluating the applicability of transfer learning in the field of renewable energy. On the other hand, by developing automatic procedures, we assure that the proposed methods provide a framework that applies to domains in organic computing as well.

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