The Classical Capacity of a Quantum Erasure Queue-Channel

Prabha Mandayam, Krishna Jagannathan, Avhishek Chatterjee

We consider a setting where a stream of qubits is processed sequentially. We derive fundamental limits on the rate at which classical information can be transmitted using qubits that decohere as they wait to be processed. Specifically, we model the sequential processing of qubits using a single server queue, and derive expressions for the classical capacity of such a quantum `queue-channel.' Focusing on quantum erasures, we obtain an explicit single-letter capacity formula in terms of the stationary waiting time of qubits in the queue. Our capacity proof also implies that a `classical' coding/decoding strategy is optimal, i.e., an encoder which uses only orthogonal product states, and a decoder which measures in a fixed product basis, are sufficient to achieve the classical capacity of the quantum erasure queue-channel. More broadly, our work begins to quantitatively address the impact of decoherence on the performance limits of quantum information processing systems.

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