Statistically Significant Discriminative Patterns Searching

Hoang Son Pham, Gwendal Virlet, Dominique Lavenier, Alexandre Termier

Discriminative pattern mining is an essential task of data mining. This task aims to discover patterns which occur more frequently in a class than other classes in a class-labeled dataset. This type of patterns is valuable in various domains such as bioinformatics, data classification. In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm, named SSDPS, to discover patterns in two-class datasets. The SSDPS algorithm owes its efficiency to an original enumeration strategy of the patterns, which allows to exploit some degrees of anti-monotonicity on the measures of discriminance and statistical significance. Experimental results demonstrate that the performance of the SSDPS algorithm is better than others. In addition, the number of generated patterns is much less than the number of other algorithms. Experiment on real data also shows that SSDPS efficiently detects multiple SNPs combinations in genetic data.

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